Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Interface changes between SCIP 3.0 and SCIP 3.1

New and changed callbacks

  • Domain Propagation:

    • added parameter "nmarkedconss" to SCIP_DECL_CONSPROP() callback which gives the number of constraints marked for propagation (these constraints are listed first in the conss array given as parameter).
  • Variable Pricers:

    • Added parameter "stopearly" to callback method SCIP_DECL_PRICERREDCOST(). This boolean pointer should be used by the pricer to state whether early branching should be performed, even if new variables were added in the current pricing round.
  • Primal Heuristics:

    • Added parameter "nodeinfeasible" to SCIP_DECL_HEUREXEC() callback which states whether the current subproblem was already detected to be infeasible. In this case, the current LP solution might not respect local bounds, and the heuristic must not assume that it does.

Changed interface methods

  • Message Handler:


  • Moved LP solver interfaces to subdirectory src/lpi.

For further information we refer to the Release notes and the Changelog.