Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Public Methods

Detailed Description

This page lists headers containing methods provided by the core of SCIP that can be used via the callable library. If you are in the User's Manual you only find methods that are public and, therefore, allowed to be used. The Developer's Manual includes all methods.

All of the headers listed below include functions that are allowed to be called by external users. Besides those functions it is also valid to call methods that are listed in one of the headers of the (default) plugins, e.g., cons_linear.h.

If you are looking for information about a particular object of SCIP, such as a variable or a constraint, you should first search the corresponding "pub_<...>.h" header. E.g., for constraints, look in pub_cons.h. If you need some information about the overall problem, you should start searching in scip.h.

Since there is a huge number of methods in scip.h, these methods are grouped into different categories. These categories are:

  • Memory Management
  • Miscellaneous Methods
  • General SCIP Methods
  • Message Output Methods
  • Parameter Methods
  • SCIP User Functionality Methods: Managing Plugins
  • User Interactive Dialog Methods
  • Global Problem Methods
  • Local Subproblem Methods
  • Solve Methods
  • Variable Methods
  • Conflict Analysis Methods
  • Constraint Methods
  • LP Methods
  • LP Column Methods
  • LP Row Methods
  • Cutting Plane Methods
  • LP Diving Methods
  • Probing Methods
  • Branching Methods
  • Primal Solution Methods
  • Event Methods
  • Tree Methods
  • Statistic Methods
  • Timing Methods
  • Numerical Methods
  • Dynamic Arrays


file  message_default.h
 default message handler
file  pub_branch.h
 public methods for branching rules
file  pub_conflict.h
 public methods for conflict analysis handlers
file  pub_cons.h
 public methods for managing constraints
file  pub_cutpool.h
 public methods for storing cuts in a cut pool
file  pub_dialog.h
 public methods for user interface dialog
file  pub_disp.h
 public methods for displaying runtime statistics
file  pub_event.h
 public methods for managing events
file  pub_fileio.h
 wrapper functions to map file i/o to standard or zlib file i/o
file  pub_heur.h
 public methods for primal heuristics
file  pub_implics.h
 public methods for implications, variable bounds, and cliques
file  pub_lp.h
 public methods for LP management
file  pub_message.h
 public methods for message output
file  pub_nlp.h
 public methods for NLP management
file  pub_nodesel.h
 public methods for node selectors
file  pub_paramset.h
 public methods for handling parameter settings
file  pub_presol.h
 public methods for presolvers
file  pub_pricer.h
 public methods for variable pricers
file  pub_prop.h
 public methods for propagators
file  pub_reader.h
 public methods for input file readers
file  pub_relax.h
 public methods for relaxation handlers
file  pub_sepa.h
 public methods for separators
file  pub_sol.h
 public methods for primal CIP solutions
file  pub_tree.h
 public methods for branch and bound tree
file  pub_var.h
 public methods for problem variables
file  scip.h
 SCIP callable library.
file  scipdefplugins.h
 default SCIP plugins
file  lpi.h
 interface methods for specific LP solvers