Solving Constraint Integer Programs

symmetry_graph.h File Reference

Detailed Description

methods for dealing with symmetry detection graphs

Christopher Hojny

Definition in file symmetry_graph.h.

#include "scip/def.h"
#include "scip/type_retcode.h"
#include "scip/type_scip.h"
#include "scip/type_var.h"
#include <symmetry/type_symmetry.h>

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SCIP_RETCODE SCIPcreateSymgraph (SCIP *scip, SYM_SYMTYPE symtype, SYM_GRAPH **graph, SCIP_VAR **symvars, int nsymvars, int nopnodes, int nvalnodes, int nconsnodes, int nedges)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPfreeSymgraph (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH **graph)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPcopySymgraph (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH **graph, SYM_GRAPH *origgraph, int *perm, SYM_SPEC fixedtype)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPextendPermsymDetectionGraphLinear (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, SCIP_VAR **vars, SCIP_Real *vals, int nvars, SCIP_CONS *cons, SCIP_Real lhs, SCIP_Real rhs, SCIP_Bool *success)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPaddSymgraphVarAggregation (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, int rootidx, SCIP_VAR **vars, SCIP_Real *vals, int nvars, SCIP_Real constant)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPaddSymgraphOpnode (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, int op, int *nodeidx)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPaddSymgraphValnode (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, SCIP_Real val, int *nodeidx)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPaddSymgraphConsnode (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, SCIP_CONS *cons, SCIP_Real lhs, SCIP_Real rhs, int *nodeidx)
int SCIPgetSymgraphVarnodeidx (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, SCIP_VAR *var)
int SCIPgetSymgraphNegatedVarnodeidx (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, SCIP_VAR *var)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPupdateSymgraphLhs (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int nodeidx, SCIP_Real newlhs)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPupdateSymgraphRhs (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int nodeidx, SCIP_Real newrhs)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPfixSymgraphVarnode (SYM_GRAPH *graph, SCIP_VAR *var)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPaddSymgraphEdge (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, int first, int second, SCIP_Bool hasval, SCIP_Real val)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPcomputeSymgraphColors (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph, SYM_SPEC fixedtype)
SYM_SYMTYPE SCIPgetSymgraphSymtype (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
SCIP_VAR ** SCIPgetSymgraphVars (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
int SCIPgetSymgraphNVars (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
int SCIPgetSymgraphNConsnodes (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
int SCIPgetSymgraphNNodes (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
int SCIPgetSymgraphNEdges (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
int SCIPgetSymgraphEdgeFirst (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int edgeidx)
int SCIPgetSymgraphEdgeSecond (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int edgeidx)
int SCIPgetSymgraphVarnodeColor (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int nodeidx)
SYM_NODETYPE SCIPgetSymgraphNodeType (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int nodeidx)
int SCIPgetSymgraphNodeColor (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int nodeidx)
SCIP_Bool SCIPisSymgraphEdgeColored (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int edgeidx)
int SCIPgetSymgraphEdgeColor (SYM_GRAPH *graph, int edgeidx)
int SCIPgetSymgraphNVarcolors (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
SCIP_Bool SCIPhasGraphUniqueEdgetype (SYM_GRAPH *graph)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPallocateSymgraphConsnodeperm (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPcreateSymgraphConsnodeperm (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph)
int * SCIPgetSymgraphConsnodeperm (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPfreeSymgraphConsnodeperm (SCIP *scip, SYM_GRAPH *graph)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPgetSymActiveVariables (SCIP *scip, SYM_SYMTYPE symtype, SCIP_VAR ***vars, SCIP_Real **scalars, int *nvars, SCIP_Real *constant, SCIP_Bool transformed)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPfreeSymDataExpr (SCIP *scip, SYM_EXPRDATA **symdata)
int SCIPgetSymExprdataNConstants (SYM_EXPRDATA *symdata)
SCIP_RealSCIPgetSymExprdataConstants (SYM_EXPRDATA *symdata)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPgetCoefSymData (SCIP *scip, SCIP_EXPR *expr, SCIP_EXPR *parentexpr, SCIP_Real *coef, SCIP_Bool *success)