Solving Constraint Integer Programs

SCIP as a MIP solver
Tobias Achterberg

This very basic example illustrates how to integrate SCIP into your C++ source code. The SCIP header files are included from the directory which is denoted by SCIPDIR in the Makefile. If your SCIP headers are installed somewhere else, just change this link. Since this example is written in C++, objscip/objscip.h is included at the beginning of cppmain.cpp. It includes scip.h (which you would include when using SCIP as callable library in a C program). The main function shows how the SCIP_RETCODE can be caught and handled. In runSCIP(), you see how a SCIP instance is created and freed, plus a few more things. Here, the SCIP_RETCODEs are not checked explicitly but handled by the SCIP_CALL macro. Please also note the CallableLibrary example for nonlinear problems.


See the Install file