Solving Constraint Integer Programs

cons_disjunction.h File Reference

Detailed Description

constraint handler for disjunction constraints

Stefan Heinz
Michael Winkler

Definition in file cons_disjunction.h.

#include "scip/def.h"
#include "scip/type_cons.h"
#include "scip/type_retcode.h"
#include "scip/type_scip.h"

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SCIP_RETCODE SCIPincludeConshdlrDisjunction (SCIP *scip)
Disjunction Constraints

A disjunction constraint \( C \) is a constraint of the form

\[ C = C_1 \vee \dots \vee C_n \]

where all the \( C_i \) are individual constraints themselves.

SCIP_RETCODE SCIPcreateConsDisjunction (SCIP *scip, SCIP_CONS **cons, const char *name, int nconss, SCIP_CONS **conss, SCIP_CONS *relaxcons, SCIP_Bool initial, SCIP_Bool enforce, SCIP_Bool check, SCIP_Bool local, SCIP_Bool modifiable, SCIP_Bool dynamic)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPcreateConsBasicDisjunction (SCIP *scip, SCIP_CONS **cons, const char *name, int nconss, SCIP_CONS **conss, SCIP_CONS *relaxcons)
SCIP_RETCODE SCIPaddConsElemDisjunction (SCIP *scip, SCIP_CONS *cons, SCIP_CONS *addcons)