Solving Constraint Integer Programs

How to search the documentation for interface methods

If you are looking for a method in order to perform a specific task, there are usually two places to look at:

  • The file "scip.h" in the file list. In this main header file, you find all methods that perform "complex" operations that affect or need data from different components of SCIP. For these methods, you always have to provide the SCIP pointer that is created by SCIPcreate(). The documentation of "scip.h" is grouped into several blocks, each dealing with methods for a specific kind of object. For example, all methods operating on variables are grouped together.
  • The files pub_<...>.h contain methods that perform "easy" operations that only affect the corresponding objects. Usually, with these methods you can access the data of the object. For example, in "pub_var.h" you find methods to get information about a variable.

The file "pub_misc.h" contains methods for data structures like priority queues, hash tables, and hash maps, as well as methods for sorting, numerics, random numbers, string operations, and file operations.

If you are looking for a description of a callback method of a plugin that you want to implement, you have to look at the corresponding type_<...>.h.