Solving Constraint Integer Programs

stp_solution Struct Reference

Detailed Description

element of Steiner tree solution pool

Definition at line 38 of file heur_rec.h.

#include <heur_rec.h>

Data Fields

SCIP_Real obj
int * soledges
int index

Field Documentation

◆ obj

SCIP_Real stp_solution::obj

Definition at line 40 of file heur_rec.h.

Referenced by computeDaSolPcMw(), reduce_da(), reduce_daPcMw(), and SCIPStpHeurRecAddToPool().

◆ soledges

int* stp_solution::soledges

◆ index

int stp_solution::index

Definition at line 42 of file heur_rec.h.

Referenced by SCIPStpHeurRecAddToPool(), and SCIPStpHeurRecSolfromIdx().