Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Detailed Description

commonly used file methods


SCIP_Bool SCIPfileExists (const char *filename)
void SCIPsplitFilename (char *filename, char **path, char **name, char **extension, char **compression)

Function Documentation

◆ SCIPfileExists()

SCIP_Bool SCIPfileExists ( const char *  filename)

returns, whether the given file exists

filenamefile name

Definition at line 11079 of file misc.c.

References FALSE, NULL, and TRUE.

Referenced by fromAmpl(), main(), readParams(), SCIP_DECL_CONCSOLVERCREATEINST(), SCIP_DECL_DIALOGEXEC(), SCIP_DECL_EVENTEXEC(), SCIP_DECL_EVENTINIT(), solveClassification(), and solveMinIISC().

◆ SCIPsplitFilename()

void SCIPsplitFilename ( char *  filename,
char **  path,
char **  name,
char **  extension,
char **  compression 

splits filename into path, name, and extension

filenamefilename to split; is destroyed (but not freed) during process
pathpointer to store path, or NULL if not needed
namepointer to store name, or NULL if not needed
extensionpointer to store extension, or NULL if not needed
compressionpointer to store compression extension, or NULL if not needed

Definition at line 11095 of file misc.c.

References MAX, and NULL.

Referenced by readFile(), SCIP_DECL_READERREAD(), SCIPlpiReadLP(), SCIPlpiWriteLP(), SCIPreadProb(), separateGLS(), and writeProblem().