Solving Constraint Integer Programs

ConsAndData Struct Reference

Detailed Description

and-constraint data object

Definition at line 154 of file cons_pseudoboolean.c.

Data Fields

SCIP_VAR ** vars
int nvars
int svars
SCIP_VAR ** newvars
int nnewvars
int snewvars
int noriguses
int nuses
unsigned int istransformed:1
unsigned int isoriginal:1

Field Documentation

◆ cons

◆ origcons

SCIP_CONS* ConsAndData::origcons

pointer to the original and-constraint of this 'term' of variables only after problem was transformed, NULL otherwise

Definition at line 157 of file cons_pseudoboolean.c.

Referenced by consdataFree(), consdataPrint(), correctConshdlrdata(), createAndAddAndCons(), SCIP_DECL_CONSGETNVARS(), SCIP_DECL_CONSGETVARS(), SCIPcreateConsPseudobooleanWithConss(), transformToOrig(), and updateConsanddataUses().

◆ vars

◆ nvars

◆ svars

int ConsAndData::svars

◆ newvars

◆ nnewvars

◆ snewvars

int ConsAndData::snewvars

◆ noriguses

int ConsAndData::noriguses

how often is this data in used by original constraints

Definition at line 165 of file cons_pseudoboolean.c.

Referenced by consdataFree(), correctConshdlrdata(), createAndAddAndCons(), SCIPcreateConsPseudobooleanWithConss(), and transformToOrig().

◆ nuses

int ConsAndData::nuses

◆ istransformed

◆ isoriginal

unsigned int ConsAndData::isoriginal

is original data active

Definition at line 168 of file cons_pseudoboolean.c.

Referenced by consdataFree(), createAndAddAndCons(), SCIPcreateConsPseudobooleanWithConss(), and transformToOrig().