Solving Constraint Integer Programs

SCIP_BdChgIdx Struct Reference

Detailed Description

bound change index representing the time of the bound change in path from root to current node

Definition at line 108 of file struct_var.h.

#include <struct_var.h>

Data Fields

int depth
int pos

Field Documentation

◆ depth

int SCIP_BdChgIdx::depth

◆ pos

int SCIP_BdChgIdx::pos

position of bound change in node's domchg array

Definition at line 111 of file struct_var.h.

Referenced by SCIPbdchgidxGetPos(), SCIPbdchgidxIsEarlier(), SCIPbdchgidxIsEarlierNonNull(), SCIPbdchginfoGetPos(), SCIPboundchgUndo(), varAddLbchginfo(), and varAddUbchginfo().