Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Detailed Description

methods and files provided by the default separators of SCIP

A detailed description what a separator does and how to add a separator to SCIP can be found here.


 Inclusion methods
 methods to include specific separators into SCIP


SCIP_RETCODE SCIPsetBasePointClosecuts (SCIP *scip, SCIP_SOL *sol)


file  sepa_aggregation.h
 flow cover and complemented mixed integer rounding cuts separator (Marchand's version)
file  sepa_cgmip.h
 Chvatal-Gomory cuts computed via a sub-MIP.
file  sepa_clique.h
 clique separator
file  sepa_closecuts.h
 closecuts meta separator
file  sepa_convexproj.h
 convexproj separator
file  sepa_disjunctive.h
 disjunctive cut separator
file  sepa_eccuts.h
 edge concave cut separator
file  sepa_gauge.h
 gauge separator
file  sepa_gomory.h
 Gomory MIR Cuts.
file  sepa_impliedbounds.h
 implied bounds separator
file  sepa_intobj.h
 integer objective value separator
file  sepa_lagromory.h
 lagromory separator
file  sepa_mcf.h
 multi-commodity-flow network cut separator
file  sepa_minor.h
 principal minor separator
file  sepa_mixing.h
 mixing cuts separator
file  sepa_oddcycle.h
 oddcycle separator
file  sepa_rapidlearning.h
 rapidlearning separator
file  sepa_rlt.h
 reformulation-linearization technique separator
file  sepa_zerohalf.h
 {0,1/2}-cuts separator
file  sepa_edge.h
 edge-separator. Separates triangle-inequalities in cycle clustering problem
file  sepa_partition.h
 simple partition-separator
file  sepa_subtour.h
 Separate Subtours-Elimination inequalities in Cycle-Clustering Applications.
file  sepa_gmi.h
 Gomory Mixed-Integer Cuts.

Function Documentation

◆ SCIPsetBasePointClosecuts()

SCIP_RETCODE SCIPsetBasePointClosecuts ( SCIP scip,

sets point to be used as base point for computing the point to be separated

The point is only stored if separation of relative interior points is used. The solution is copied.

scipSCIP data structure
solbase point solution

Definition at line 494 of file sepa_closecuts.c.

References NULL, SCIP_CALL, SCIP_OKAY, SCIP_PLUGINNOTFOUND, SCIPcreateSolCopy(), SCIPerrorMessage, SCIPfindSepa(), SCIPfreeSol(), SCIPsepaGetData(), SCIPsepaGetName(), SEPA_NAME, and TRUE.