Solving Constraint Integer Programs

EXPRSTACK Struct Reference

Detailed Description

stack used in constructExpr to store expressions that need to be investigated ("to do list")

Definition at line 114 of file nlhdlr_convex.c.

Data Fields

SCIP_EXPR ** stack
int stacksize
int stackpos

Field Documentation

◆ stack


stack elements

Definition at line 116 of file nlhdlr_convex.c.

Referenced by exprstackFree(), exprstackInit(), exprstackPop(), and exprstackPush().

◆ stacksize

int EXPRSTACK::stacksize

allocated space (in number of pointers)

Definition at line 117 of file nlhdlr_convex.c.

Referenced by exprstackInit(), and exprstackPush().

◆ stackpos

int EXPRSTACK::stackpos

position of top element of stack

Definition at line 118 of file nlhdlr_convex.c.

Referenced by constructExpr(), exprstackInit(), exprstackIsEmpty(), exprstackPop(), and exprstackPush().