Solving Constraint Integer Programs

RowVarPair Struct Reference

Detailed Description

structure representing a pair of variables in a row; used for lookup in a hashtable

Definition at line 109 of file presol_sparsify.c.

Data Fields

int rowindex
int varindex1
int varindex2
SCIP_Real varcoef1
SCIP_Real varcoef2

Field Documentation

◆ rowindex

int RowVarPair::rowindex

Definition at line 111 of file presol_sparsify.c.

Referenced by cancelRow(), and SCIP_DECL_PRESOLEXEC().

◆ varindex1

int RowVarPair::varindex1

◆ varindex2

int RowVarPair::varindex2

◆ varcoef1

SCIP_Real RowVarPair::varcoef1

◆ varcoef2

SCIP_Real RowVarPair::varcoef2